oral care

Brush often, replace regularly

When did you last replace your toothbrush? REPLACE YOUR TOOTHBRUSH REGULARLY. Keeping it longer can lead to bacteria buildup, which can cause a slew of oral health problems. Oral complications make it difficult to chew, swallow, and even speak. It is so important to brush your teeth, gums, and tongue after every meal and at bedtime. Remember, …

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Avoid food or drink that irritates your mouth

Your mouth will be more sensitive during chemotherapy treatment. Mouth sores are so painful they can result in difficulties eating, chewing or swallowing causing discomfort and bleeding in the mouth creating problems eating and drinking because the pain in your mouth can be so severe you could find it hard to swallow. Eating and drinking hot or cold …

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Cancer-related mouth sores

Chemotherapy and radiation impair your body’s germ-fighting system (immune system). With an impaired immune system, viruses, bacteria and fungi can more easily infect your mouth, causing mouth sores or making mouth sores worse. The mouth sores appear burn-like and can be painful, making it difficult to eat, talk, swallow and breathe. Mayo Clinic Keep mouth …

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