It's going to be a hot one!

We are gearing up for another hot day and you have to be out and about....appointments, appointments!!

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Never share your Lip Balm

Whether it’s lip gloss, lipstick or the lip balm sharing can be very harmful.Read more

Chemo and the sun are not friends

Summertime often means more time outdoors increasing exposure to the sun.  Unfortunately chemo and the sun don’t get along.Read more

Start the day...

Start your day with a glass of water in your Keepcup.

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Those three words

Those three ugly have cancer!Read more


Whether you are taking medicine in a hospital, clinic, or at home it is important to take your medication exactly as your doctor prescribes. Read more

Goat Milk Soap

Your skin needs a lot of extra care during treatment, so it’s important to use gentle products that minimize the chance of skin aggravations.

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Cracked Lips

As part of your oral care it is important to moisturise your lips. The development of sore lips from treatment causes further discomfort for patients.Read more

How are they going?

Christmas and new year's celebrations are over. Life gets busy for everyone again.Read more

Summer and oral health

Summer can throw your oral care routine out the window. It's a time when our delicious fruits are readily available, icecream becomes high on our food favourite and icy poles help with hydrating, all making for a high-in-sugar diet.

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