Anemia and fatigue

Chemotherapy can cause you to have too few red blood cells (ANEMIA). As a result, your tissues don't get as much oxygen, and you can become extremely tired (fatigue).Read more

Christmas shopping

Not everything can be bought online. Sometimes you need to see the items, try them on etc.Read more

Fatigue and dressing

Do you know that the average woman takes around 15 minutes each day to pick out clothes for the day? Read more

Shopping can be exhausting

Shopping can be so exhausting so try and shop at less busy times (evenings or early in the morning).Read more

Kids and child care

Spend time with kids, if that's possible. You won't have to "talk cancer." Shelli loved her visits and visiting her niece and nephew when she was well enough. It was all about craft, cuddles and the occasional treats.Read more

Bathroom fatigue

It is so important for your hygiene to keep clean avoiding infections but showering and bathing can be exhausting. Long, hot showers and baths can make you feel more tired and you can feel too exhausted to dress.Read more


Feeling tired and lacking energy (fatigue) is the most common and often the most debilitating side effect of chemotherapy. 
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