Managing cancer fatigue

Cancer fatigue is different from everyday tiredness and can happen suddenly. Everything can seem overwhelming, an effort, very frustrating and affect your moods.  You feel so tired and lacking energy that even your general day-to-day living become difficult. Resting does not always help but listen to your body and go by how you feel,  If you need a …

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Feeling wiped out?

Feeling whole body tiredness or weakness, lacking energy (fatigue) and being exhausted mentally or emotionally are some of the most common and often the most debilitating side effect of chemotherapy.   Cancer-related fatigue is different from everyday tiredness and can happen suddenly. Normally when you feel tired you get some sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and okay. Resting does not …

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I’m exhausted

Fatigue and tiredness from chemotherapy can be a debilitating side effect. Some days it’s just too exhausting getting out of bed. Fatigue is a feeling of excessive whole-body tiredness.  It comes on suddenly without warning and is not related to activity or exertion. It is a complete lack of energy that is not relieved by sleep. Work …

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