Autumn Sun

Be aware of sun sensitivity on sunny Autumn days and always take precautions when going outside including sunscreen and protective clothing including that important hat. The sun in Autumn can still pack a punch! Treatment can cause changes to your skin, as both radiation therapy and chemotherapy can cause sensitivity to the sun. During chemotherapy, it is best …

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Dental care before starting chemotherapy

Your dentist is important in your cancer treatment. Your mouth should be as healthy as possible before chemotherapy starts to help in reducing side effects and prevent more serious mouth problems. Have your teeth cleaned prior to chemotherapy. Not all mouth problems can be avoided but the fewer side effects the better! Chemotherapy can wreck havoc …

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Fuel your body

To ensure you body is the best possible condition for chemotherapy treatment start making healthy food choices. Fuel your body with a healthy diet to supply you with the energy you are going to need. Drink plenty but sorry, no alcohol! Water is best. This is especially important in the days leading up to chemotherapy. …

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Drop the busyness

Chemotherapy treatment and radiation can have you feeling exhausted and frazzled. Everyone seems obsessed with being busy but it makes us stressed and miserable. Clear your calendar of the clutter. Just drop it, let it go. Un-busy your life, don’t make it part of your life. Give yourself a chance to feel your way through the moments. …

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Nothing can be more fun and relaxing than a a glass of wine or other kinds of alcohol with friends or family at Christmas. Alcohol can interfere with the way some chemotherapy drugs work so best to check with your Medical Team if you are having treatment. Generally, having the odd glass of wine or beer is …

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