Travel and Dehydration

If you’ve got a holiday coming up, then pack smart and include Hydralyte in your first aid kit as a mandatory.Read more

Getting a good night’s sleep

A regular sleep pattern in so important to recovery but depression and anxiety can disrupt your sleep. It is not so easy to simply turn off.Read more


When undergoing treatment, life seems to be "GroundHog Day" with repeated visits to your medical team, surgeon, oncologist, local doctor, scans, ultrasounds and treatment.  Read more


Body care is an important part of cancer care and treatment. Included in Kit are some amazing ThankYou. products to help you on your way.Read more

Be aware of your footing

Just another reminder to be aware at all times of your footing. Patients undergoing cancer treatment are more at risk for osteoporosis and bones weakened from metastatic cancer can break or fracture.Read more

Autumn is here

After the Summer heat it's nice to know Autumn has arrived. It is a lovely time of the year when the days can be clear and the nights are cooler so trying to sleep and rest is a bit nicer.Read more


We have included Hydralyte in kit because it has been scientifically formulated to restore vital electrolytes if you are dehydrated. Read more


Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. Read more


Before starting an exercise program chat with your medical team particularly if you have bone cancer or if you have any persistent treatment-related side effects, such as lymphoedema (swelling caused by a build-up of lymph fluid), shortness of breath, nerve damage, skin irritation, fatigue or pain. Read more

Mouth problems

Good oral hygiene is extremely important during your treatment.  Please speak to your medical team for advice on treating mouth problems affecting your mouth, lips or throat causing them to become dry and sore.Read more