How are they going?

Christmas and new year's celebrations are over. Life gets busy for everyone again.Read more

Summer and oral health

Summer can throw your oral care routine out the window. It's a time when our delicious fruits are readily available, icecream becomes high on our food favourite and icy poles help with hydrating, all making for a high-in-sugar diet.

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Nothing worse than looking at a large plate of food when you don't feel like eating.Read more

It's going to be hot

Even healthy people can feel poorly in the heat and humidity so this predicted very hot Summer's day of 41°c in Melbourne may feel even worse for cancer patients.Read more

Back on track

Christmas and New Year's celebrations are over so time to get back on track with eating. Read more

Am I dehydrated?

Cancer patients are at high risk for dehydration from both the disease and the treatment. As temperatures soar during Summer this risk becomes higher.

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Happy New Year

From everyone at Kit for Cancer, and The Kit Foundation we wish you all the best for the new year. May it bring with it more successful treatments, reduced side effects, remission, and most of all a cure. A special thank you to the medical teams who work so hard to take care of us and our loved ones during very difficult times.

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Don't forget me when 'it's over'

As we go into the New Year this was Shelli's greatest fear "Don't forget me when 'it's over.'" which she spoken about in her Tour de Cure speech. 

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