Some things are better left unsaid

When talking to a cancer patient some things are better left unsaid and don’t share stories with bad endings, instead, share something positive.Read more

Pay attention to...

Cancer patients requiring chemotherapy sometimes require that tubes be placed into their body so that they can receive medications directly into the blood stream through a vein (intravenously). Read more

No happy face today

Some days you can be too sick to want to talk with others but when you are up to it, it's important to share your true feelings.Read more

International Women's Day 2018

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Don't slip on a banana peel!


Did anyone ever really slip on a banana peel? The slip-on-a-banana-peel gag has been used in comedy routines since at least the early 1900s. Read more

World Lymphoedema Awareness Day - UPDATED

I have just read Amanda Jessup's facebook post on Lymphoedema developed from the treatment of cancer. I met Amanda through Shelli and both Shelli and I had also developed Lymphoedema and I could not describe the condition any better myself.Read more

Travel and Dehydration

If you’ve got a holiday coming up, then pack smart and include Hydralyte in your first aid kit as a mandatory.Read more

Getting a good night’s sleep

A regular sleep pattern in so important to recovery but depression and anxiety can disrupt your sleep. It is not so easy to simply turn off.Read more


When undergoing treatment, life seems to be "GroundHog Day" with repeated visits to your medical team, surgeon, oncologist, local doctor, scans, ultrasounds and treatment.  Read more