Trip hazard

Often the first thing we do when we arrive home is kick our shoes off wherever we are. Read more

Be kind to your skin

Being kind to your skin is one of the more important routines to adopt during treatment for both radiation and chemotherapy.Read more

So many questions

Cancer is very personal and emotionally exhausting if you have to repeatably give details of your illness to everyone who enquires.Read more

Dirty clothes

Try and keep you room as tidy as possible to avoid accidents. Clean clothes to go back in the wardrobe and dirty ones into a hamper.You may have cancer fatigue but try not to change clothes and leaving them on the floor creating an obstacle course of dirty clothes.

Tripping over them would have a worse result. Patients undergoing cancer treatment are more at risk for osteoporosis and bones weakened from metastatic cancer can break or fracture.

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Make a playlist

Shelli used to love music and we joked about the music cassette tapes she would make when she was in her teens and name them all "various."Read more

Makeup Brushes

Bacteria can be sneaky. You may clean your makeup brushes and toss away beauty products that have expired but there are other ways bacteria makes its way into your beauty regime.Read more


Infections can be picked up from food and drinks but also imagine the thousands of germs living on touchscreens in restaurants. Read more

That metallic taste

Some people with cancer experience taste changes during or after cancer treatment. Foods may taste differently than before, or bland. Read more

The germy handbag!

Your handbag may be contaminated with heaps of bacteria. One rule is not to throw sneakers, food, or used tissues in your handbag.

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