KitUp is correctly offering two packages for extending your corporate responsibility. Corporate missions are a great team building cause. Kit for staff and family is the perfect way to ensure you are supporting your crew in the best possible way through the worst possible times.


Corporate missions

Team KIT facilitates the perfect team days, where you can bulk purchase a minimum of 50 KITs, either KIT for CANCER or our new product KIT for KIDs and help us deliver them to the hospital or cancer charity of your choice.

We video tape the day and give your team and experience they will never forget! So it’s time to work with us on doing good, because it’s the right thing to do, not because it’s a PR exercise.

Kits for staff and family

If a staff member or family is diagnosed with cancer? What do you do? “I don’t know” is the most common answer. KIT now solves this problem.

We can work with you so that we create a Corporate Social Responsibility Program. This means that any staff member or staff members immediate family will be automatically sent a KIT from the company when they are diagnosed with cancer.

When we have our product relationships locked off we can finalise these contracts and implement the programs.