Never share your Lip Balm

Whether it’s lip gloss, lipstick or the lip balm sharing can be very harmful.Read more

Start the day...

Start your day with a glass of water in your Keepcup.

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Goat Milk Soap

Your skin needs a lot of extra care during treatment, so it’s important to use gentle products that minimize the chance of skin aggravations.

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Cracked Lips

As part of your oral care it is important to moisturise your lips. The development of sore lips from treatment causes further discomfort for patients.Read more

Summer and oral health

Summer can throw your oral care routine out the window. It's a time when our delicious fruits are readily available, icecream becomes high on our food favourite and icy poles help with hydrating, all making for a high-in-sugar diet.

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It's going to be hot

Even healthy people can feel poorly in the heat and humidity so this predicted very hot Summer's day of 41°c in Melbourne may feel even worse for cancer patients.Read more

Am I dehydrated?

Cancer patients are at high risk for dehydration from both the disease and the treatment. As temperatures soar during Summer this risk becomes higher.

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Cooling and soothing

If you are going through some radiation, your skin can take a beating. Read more


If it’s chemotherapy or radiation your skin becomes sensitive to everything. So a gentle and sensitive moisturiser becomes an essential part of your daily skin routine.Read more

Barbecues or picnics

Christmas barbecues and picnics are already in full swing. Parks are full every weekend with families, friends and work celebrations.Read more