In doing catch ups after the Christmas break I messaged a friend who said that she had a Summer Cold. It may sound a bit strange but it doesn’t have to be cold outside to catch a cold. If you catch a cold in Summer, it will be exactly like catching a cold in the winter. Even if it’s hot outside, the rhinovirus that causes common colds can spread and infect people just as easily.

If visiting a friend or having visitors beware that their Summer allergies are not a Summer Cold. Colds and allergies share the traits of sneezing, runny nose, congestion, and an itchy or sore throat. But a cold will also include other symptoms like coughing, sweating, and fever.

Rest up, stay nourished and hydrated, be vigilant and use your hand sanitiser! We pop a thankyou hand sanitiser in our Kit.

For more info check out Healthline.

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