Chemo brain is very real, a lesser-known side effect of chemotherapy described as a mental cloudiness or fog.  Suddenly you can feel slow in thinking, losing your train of thought and forgetting things you already know and even those small, everyday things can be the hardest to remember at times.

Rather than trying to do lots of things at once, stay safe, eliminate the multi-tasking by only doing one thing at a time. Sticky notes are so handy to jot down a short reminder. A white board is great for lists and to write down what you need to remember or questions to ask when they occur. Use a planner or your smartphone to keep track of your appointments with reminders set.  Keep note of your symptoms (we’ve popped a notebook in Kit) and make sure your medical team is aware of your situation.

Remember chemo brain is real and upsetting. This can be very distressing and frustrating so family and friends, please be caring and give the patient time to collect their thoughts.

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