Diarrhoea, that problem we don’t want to speak about. More frequent bowel motions and diarrhoea are common for cancer patients due to the cancer or its treatment.

Severe diarrhoea can make you lose a lot of fluid and get dehydrated.  Drinking clear fluids is also essential for replacing fluid lost through bowel movements, Severe diarrhea can cause dehydration and imbalance of electrolytes. We have added Hydralyte to Kit to help restore vital electrolytes if you are dehydrated.

Diarrhoea can also result in a sore butt. At the first sign of diarrhoea, protect yourself. We’ve added a tube of ThankYou nappy balm, (buttcream)  containing vitamin-E, calendula and zinc together to help create a thick, protective barrier on your butt.

Inform your medical team as soon as you have the first signs of diarrhoea. They can advise you on how to manage your diarrhoea and recommend medication.

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