Listening to music may boost the mood of a cancer patient, relieve stress and reduce anxiety for awhile.  Load your favourite tunes, relaxation tracks, audiobook or podcasts onto your phone or music player, pop in earphones, close your eyes and forget the world for a while.

Sometimes at home, in hospital or radiology you just want to zone out. Headphones are a great way to block out hospital sounds, which are a real source of stress for many patients. Pop your earphones in even without music, and you will find, people will give you that space you need.

Please don’t be tempted to use someone else’s earphones if you left yours at home and never share your earphones. Earbuds can transmit bacteria and in some cases can even cause ear infections and need to be kept clean. Remember to only clean your earbuds when they’re detached from your iPod/phone or other device and never submerge them in water.

We have included some headphones in Kit to help with your relaxation.

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