Cold air

Cold Autumn has arrived bringing with it cold, dry air outside and the warm, dry air inside sucking moisture out of the skin, a common cause of dry skin.Read more

That frequent hand washing

Hand washing and hand sanitising become so vitally important. No one wants their immune system compromised.Read more

That horrible metallic taste

That metallic taste you get when going through chemotherapy treatment would put anyone off eating!!!  Read more

Hydrate your hands

Being kind to your skin is one of the more important routines to adopt during treatment for both radiation and chemotherapy.Read more

Keep it simple

If you are having or recovering from radiation or chemotherapy treatment consider letting someone else host the Easter celebrations or maybe suggest a restaurant.Read more

Eating is not easy

Many side effects associated with cancer and its treatment might cause a loss of appetite. When your mouth is yucky and you have a metallic taste you can lose interest in food and eating.Read more

Mouth problems

Good oral hygiene is extremely important during your treatment.  Please speak to your medical team for advice on treating mouth problems affecting your mouth, lips or throat causing them to become dry and sore.Read more

For the skin

Relieving side effects such as skin conditions is an important part of cancer care and treatment.Read more

Treatment diary

Some people use a journal or a diary, while others prefer to use technology such as a smartphone or tablet. Read more