You may feel awkward and not know what to say to a friend or family member with cancer.Read more

Make a playlist

Shelli used to love music and we joked about the music cassette tapes she would make when she was in her teens and name them all "various."Read more

Wash cloths

A friend gave Shelli a knitted cotton cloth (for washing your face or body) for a gift and she loved them so much we decided to pamper you and added one to Kit. Read more

Eating and mouth sores

If treatment has left your mouth in pain from mouth sores eating even the softest of foods can be difficult.Read more

Anemia and fatigue

Chemotherapy can cause you to have too few red blood cells (ANEMIA). As a result, your tissues don't get as much oxygen, and you can become extremely tired (fatigue).Read more

Protect the head

Ask your medical team about time in the sun. Shelli was on medications not allowing her to spend much time in the sun's rays.Read more

Keeping sanitised

Keeping sanitised and moisturised while your immunity is low is SO important while going through chemo to not pick up any rogue germs....Read more

Most at Risk

Chemotherapy treatment will usually involve a number of chemo doses (sometimes called cycles). Read more

Wear shoes

Your feet are prone to infection. To avoid injury and germs wear shoes at all times, including in the hospital, outdoors and at home. This helps you avoid injury and keep germs off your feet.Read more

Kit donations

We are very excited to be packing our donated Kits for deliver this Thursday.
Read more