Keep your distance

The colder Autumn weather has settled in and hopefully we have had our flu injections ready for those colder winter months ahead. If possible, stay away from people who have a cold or the flu.Read more

Next best thing to soap and water

Hand sanitiser is the next best thing next best thing if soap and water are not available. Read more


Body care is an important part of cancer care and treatment. Included in Kit are some amazing ThankYou. products to help you on your way.Read more

Barbecues or picnics

Christmas barbecues and picnics are already in full swing. Parks are full every weekend with families, friends and work celebrations.Read more

Keeping sanitised

Keeping sanitised and moisturised while your immunity is low is SO important while going through chemo to not pick up any rogue germs....Read more

Spring, one month left

One month left of Spring and the gardens are blooming,  The weather is warmer, with one day sunny the next is rain. On good days use your energy to do something you love. Read more

Clean hands

Regularly hand wash using soap and running water to defend against viruses, bacteria and other microbes that can make us sick.Read more