Keep your distance

The colder Autumn weather has settled in and hopefully we have had our flu injections ready for those colder winter months ahead. If possible, stay away from people who have a cold or the flu.Read more

Next best thing to soap and water

Hand sanitiser is the next best thing next best thing if soap and water are not available. Read more

Makeup Brushes

Bacteria can be sneaky. You may clean your makeup brushes and toss away beauty products that have expired but there are other ways bacteria makes its way into your beauty regime.Read more


Infections can be picked up from food and drinks but also imagine the thousands of germs living on touchscreens in restaurants. Read more

The germy handbag!

Your handbag may be contaminated with heaps of bacteria. One rule is not to throw sneakers, food, or used tissues in your handbag.

Read more


Think twice before using your friend or family member's towel.Read more