Take as directed

Patients will have a written plan, telling them when to take their oral chemotherapy drugs. Make sure you read and understand the information.

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Slippery when wet

Staying upright can be no easy fete, especially on the wet Autumn days.Read more

Handy tissue purse pack

For all those sniffles, spills and tears we have popped a pocket pack of tissues to Kit to keep on hand during cold & flu season.  Read more

Support carers

Carers may be family, a neighbour or a friend providing support and direct care maybe for a few hours a week or all day every day.Read more


We've put Oral7  toothpaste, Oral7 mouthwash and a special soft KIT toothbrush in our KIT to help keep your teeth and mouth clean. Brush and rinse often. Always keeping your mouth fresh and well looked after during chemo. A rinse a couple of times a day will help in keeping any infection, ulcers or bad breath at bay.

Alert your medical team if you are having mouth problems.

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The Royal Wedding

We wish Prince Harry and Meghan all the best for their wedding day. If you are resting and bored with the normal everyday TV then you will have plenty to watch.Read more

Packing our Kits

Today is a day of restocking and packing our KITS. The trick is to fit it all in the case!!Read more

Goat Soap

We have packed Goat Soap into KIT because your skin needs extra care during treatment using gentle products that minimize the chance of skin aggravations.Read more

Feeling completely alone

One of the biggest and secret moments that a cancer patient has through out this journey is the mighty “melt down” and feeling completely “alone.”  Read more

Keep your distance

The colder Autumn weather has settled in and hopefully we have had our flu injections ready for those colder winter months ahead. If possible, stay away from people who have a cold or the flu.Read more