Your toothbrush

Winning and losing treatments are in the mouth. If you can eat and drink, you can fuel your body and stay in good condition.  Read more

What was I saying again?

Chemo brain is very real but a lesser-known side effect of chemotherapy described as a mental cloudiness or fog.Read more


The KeepCup colours will brighten your day. It’s never nice drinking from those takeaway cups at hospital visits or coffee shops. Remember to take your Keepcup with you. Read more

St Patrick's Day

Why only wear green when you can eat and drink green too!Read more

Problems with dry lips

Unfortunately cancer patients can have problems with dry lips during treatment.  Read more

Keep a notebook handy

Keep a pad and a pen close by to easily write down notes and reminders or download a note-making app on your smartphone and tablet.Read more

Travel and Dehydration

If you’ve got a holiday coming up, then pack smart and include Hydralyte in your first aid kit as a mandatory.Read more


Body care is an important part of cancer care and treatment. Included in Kit are some amazing ThankYou. products to help you on your way.Read more


We have included Hydralyte in kit because it has been scientifically formulated to restore vital electrolytes if you are dehydrated. Read more

Mouth problems

Good oral hygiene is extremely important during your treatment.  Please speak to your medical team for advice on treating mouth problems affecting your mouth, lips or throat causing them to become dry and sore.Read more